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Why Letter Casing is Important for Domain Names


Something that constantly drives me insane with domain names and branding is when a domain is displayed in all lowercase letters.

For example this company is clearly called Milea Truck Sales & Leasing but with its domain displayed in all lowercase, which of these make sense and best support the brand/company Milea Truck Sales & Leasing?














Isn’t this MUCH easier to read and remember?



Since I began registering domain names in 1998 I was ALWAYS a stickler for displaying them with initial caps or title case….SO MUCH easier to read and remember and ideal for branding!








Research pointed me to the book Dynamics in Document Design which says:

“When text is set in all capital letters, reading speed is slowed about 13 to 20 percent (Breland & Breland, 1944). Reading speed is optimal when uppercase and lowercase letters are used (Poulton, 1967; Rickards & August, 1975). When extra emphasis is needed, bold has been found to be a better cue than uppercase (Coles & Foster, 1975).”

I also came across a study where they tested the same exact paid search ad(s), except one was in Title Case and the other was not. See the results:










What are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? Or simply don’t care?

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