Thursday, February 2 Sold for $10,450; Purchased 3 Months Ago for $550


One thing I ALWAYS love about the domain name industry is that opportunities present themselves ALL the time if you are paying attention….

For example, I just saw on twitter that @DigiNames sold for $10,450.

According to @DigiNames, they bought the domain name for $550 just three (3) short months ago and sold it for a 1,800% Return on Investment! BRAVO!

The domain name is already being redirected to (i.e. the obvious buyer here) which is part of Palace Resorts.


Congrats to @DigiNames on having the insight to procure and purchase the domain name. And congrats to Palace Resorts for having the vision to own an amazing domain names.

To your domaining success,
@AndrewHazen | @DomainSuccess
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