Tuesday, December 6

Curbside Domains May See Pickup?


As a follow-on to my post on ‘As Businesses Re-Open they Need We’re Open Signs’ I keep seeing signs and hearing on the radio and TV that business are open and/or will be opening for ‘curbside pickup’ only or ‘curbside takeout’.

I wondered, how is the search volume these days for “curbside” related domain names? And to no surprise you can see the spike and trend-up in search volume.

I then thought; these domain names MUST be taken but if so how long ago and are they being used now?

This is what I found….

CurbsidePickup.com – registered in 2004, not developed & available for sale

CurbsideDelivery.com – registered in 2004, not developed & available for sale

CurbsideTakeout.com – registered in 2007, not developed & available for sale

You would think that a major player such as GrubHub or DoorDash would acquire these for the potential SEO value or simply a defensive move to take these off the market so a competitor or hungry startup/entrepreneur does not.

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