Tuesday, December 6

As Businesses Re-Open they Need We’re Open Signs


Being located on Long Island in New York, I have seen firsthand how COVID-19 has shutdown businesses in an instance.

Each day as I drive to and from our offices I see many businesses that are closed and the handful that are open/re-opening. With non-essential businesses across the country about to slowly resume I started to think all these businesses will need signs that say ‘We’re Open’, ‘Open for Takeout Only’, etc.”

And then it hit me…’Wonder if WereOpenSigns.com is available?” And sure enough it is available for less than $10

Are people currently looking for we’re open signs you ask? Checkout the search volume and think that as  this article is being written the exact match domain name is available for hand-registration for less than $10

To me, this is a no-brainer for anyone in the sign business. Even a solid affiliate can do quite well with this exact match domain name.

If you happen to register any of these domains please keep me updated as I always like to see what happens with the expired domains I discover.

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