Monday, March 27

Preparing for the Jewish Holidays with


With the Jewish Holidays and New Year approaching I always reflect on a domain I registered in 1998,

What excites me about this domain name is the possibilities:

jewish recipes search volume

The obvious is to develop a site that offers Jewish recipes and/or Jewish recipe books and cookbooks.

A site that offers ‘free’ jewish recipes could generate revenue from targeted sponsors that sell kosher products or cooking products. In addition, I think it would be worthwhile to explore a subscription model where members can receive jewish recipes and cookbooks monthly/quarterly or even just based on the Holidays (i.e. hamantaschen recipes for Purim, brisket for Passover, noodle puddling for New Year and break fast, etc.)

Or it can be a media company that has cooking shows/videos online and tutorials for those who want to learn how to cook jewish food. The platform could also host competitions for best jewish recipes. Or simply travel the globe searching for the very best jewish recipes out there!

What are YOUR thoughts? Let me know.

A Happy, HEALTHY & Successful New Year to All!


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