Thursday, February 2

Defunct Franchise Sold for $9,000


Hours ago a tweet caught my eye that sold for $9,000 at GoDaddy.

After some research it was interesting to reveal that went live back in 1997.
Self-proclaimed “Cincinnati’s oldest independent home cleaner since 1981” it seems like maybe they were ahead of the industry in 1997.

It also appears that at some point got a facelift and redesign…

What I found REALLY interesting that at some point was a franchise with 263 franchise units. There was a lot of brand equity put into

Being intimately familiar with the franchise industry (see I know firsthand how much time, money and effort it takes to start and build and a franchise. It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars….

In 2022 the site went defunct and became available

And then today it was reported that sold for $9,000.

I am very curious to see who acquired this domain with great brand equity! I’ve already contacted and but have not heard back as of this posting.

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