Tuesday, December 6

Billy Never Idles and Neither Should You


Listen up New Yorkers as Mayor Bill de Blasio wants you ro turn off your car and truck engines when parked.

Did you know?

  • Idling in New York City has been prohibited since 1972
  • NYC has the longest ongoing air quality monitoring program of any U.S. City
  • Air quality has improved dramatically in NYC but there is still a lot of work to do.

There is also money to be made in idling…

If you witness and record a truck or bus idling for longer than three minutes or more than one minute while adjacent to a school, you can file a complaint online and collect 25% of the penalty.

In total, the city says tattlers have made $387,000 so far.

The $1 million ad campaign aims to increase these complaints and expand enforcement at idling priority zones. The campaign includes radio, video and tv spots which all brand the domain name BillyNeverIdles.nyc

It’s interesting that the .com version BillyNeverIdles.com was registered Feb 28, 2020, which is about two months after BillyNeverIdles.nyc was registered by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and yet the .com version does not load nor forwards to BillyNeverIdles.nyc

And guess how much Billy Idol is getting paid to be in the ad campaign? Nothing.

Billy Idol grew up in Patchogue and Rockville Centre and ‘wanted to give back to the city,’ he said.

Here is the video spot – enjoy!

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